Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Freeze Your Blueberries

Freezing Blueberries:
We love having blueberries all year, so we actually freeze a lot of them for our own use. Here a few nifty tips on freezing your blueberries.
Do not wash the blueberries before freezing. Remember our berries are grown without any chemicals.
Place dry, unwashed, and unsweetened berries in freezing containers or plastic bags. Seal and freeze. The berries will freeze individually and pour out like marbles. Keep frozen until ready to use.

Do not thaw your frozen blueberries when you are going to bake with them. Always add them frozen so they will not "bleed" in your baked goods.
Don't forget we also have pre-picked pints of blueberries on hand, so you will have plenty of berries for the rest of the year. Call ahead for a pre-picked order at (
540) 222-7954.

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