Monday, July 27, 2015

4 TIPS: Freezing Blueberries

Guest post from our long time friend Perky Gramma Teaches who helps us out on the farm. 
Remember we sell pre-picked fresh blueberries by the pint for only $3.50.
We also have 2 pint bags of frozen blueberries available for only $7.00 (quart). These are available now and through out the winter while our supply lasts. We actually ran out last year.
All we ask is that you call ahead so we are able to pick your berries for you at (
540) 222-7954.

I know that freezing blueberries seems very simplistic. 
Here a few nifty tips on freezing your blueberries.

Freezing Blueberries:

We love having blueberries all year, so we actually freeze a lot of them for our own use. Personally I find that freezing high quality blueberries is well worth it when they are in season instead of using blueberries from the grocery store.

TIP: Do not wash the blueberries before freezing this will cause them to freeze together. Remember the berries grown at Gold Hill Blueberry Farm are grown without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. If you are unsure about the growing conditions of your blueberries and feel that you need to wash them, then make sure you pat them dry before freezing. It you pack them dry, they will roll out easily from the freezer bags.
Place dry, unwashed, and unsweetened berries in freezing containers or plastic freezer bags. Seal and freeze. The berries will freeze individually and pour out like marbles. Keep frozen until ready to use.
I am finally getting some to time to sit and tell you what I did last weekend. Last week I spent some time unpacking 120 pints of blueberries and repacking them in gallon zip-lock freezer bags. 

TIP: Two pints will fit in a quart sized zip lock freezer bag, which is a size convenient for using in recipes. Eight pints will fit into a gallon zip lock freezer bag.

Another great TIP: I had two large pots (large bowls work also) that I stuffed the freezer bags in when I was filling them. That way it had more of a flat bottom to allow me not to have to use my hands to hold the bag open as I poured and the few berries that missed went into the pot instead of rolling all over my porch. Though a few berries still escaped. 

This week I added 20 gallons of blueberries to the freezer!

Then you know me, I made up little packages with coffee and a pint of blueberries and a card from Gold Hill Blueberry Farm to give to my new neighbors and an electrician that came out to the farm to run electricity to our new garage. I do whatever I am able to do to promote my friend's business. 

One last TIP I shared beforeDo not thaw your frozen blueberries when you are going to bake with them. Always add them frozen so they will not "bleed" in your baked goods.

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