Monday, July 27, 2015

Freezer Lamb Now Available for Ordering

We are now offering grass fed lambs and taking orders for custom butchering. All of our lambs are raised here on the farm, naturally on open pasture. From birth until they are processed they roam around on the farm. They are all raised hormone free and antibiotic free.
They are raised feeding on grass. But the ewes were given a corn/grain feed supplement during gestation and early lactation, since hay in the winter does not provide enough energy for the mammas.

Lambs are sold at $2.00/lb live weight, plus the cost of butchering at a facility of your choice, which is usually $80-100.
We can do one at the weight range you prefer, but many people prefer one that is 80-110 lbs. 
We currently have 33 lambs, some are currently in the 75-80 pound range now and most will be in the 75 -100 lb range by September. 
 You may expect about 1/3 of live weight in actual meat once it is processed. The butchers will have options for different cuts.
If you are interested in getting in line for purchasing meat please call 540.222.7954.

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