Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tiny Blueberry Miracles...

We often don't take the time to notice the little things. There are tiny miracles all around us everyday.
Last year some children were picking blueberries at the farm and saw this wee little birds nest with one blueberry inside. They got so excited and they insisted that the adults come over to see their tiny little miracle.
Picture perfect moment, picture perfect day.
Berry picking is a great family adventure in the summer time. 
Fresh air, sunshine, laughter and memories built together. Let us adults not forget, that this time is so precious while they are young. Build some wonderful memories with your children this summer.
Make blueberry ice cream
Make a blueberry pie
Make blueberry juice
Stuff blueberries in your mouth
Follow us as we are going to be sharing some recipes to increase your summer fun and someday in the future you will be able to reminiscence about the days you spent at the farm
Last thought...take pictures...I'm glad I did.

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